A wonderful coming of age story that deals with humor an heart. Where a young man shares the life that he had being raised by his grandparents. Not realizing that they weren’t his parents. Not noticing that his “parents” were older than everyone else’s parents because he was happy, had everything that he needed and all the love he wanted. But the older he got the older they got until his grandfather, the man that taught him everything that he knew dies. His grandfather always taught him not to cry and not to quit. As difficult as it was his grandmother pushed him to continue on in school. A short time later she sent him a box of her chocolate chip cookies that he shares with his roommates not realizing that this was her way of saying goodbye. This is a touching story of a boy that turns into the exact man his grandparents hoped he would be. He was strong, never quit, never cried and that is what made him special, they made him amazing.

PR- You Just Never Know

  • I learned how to play basketball from my grandfather. When I was just three years old my grandfather gave me a ball and a prayer. He said, "Grandson I want you to get this ball into that basket," at that moment I was so little getting the ball in the hoop was a tall order. I immediately started to cry. He just laughed, that's how he was. If it was funny he was going to laugh even if I was crying. As the tears and snot ran down my face he just continued to laugh at me and my grandmother comes out and she had a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. My grandfather reached for one and she slapped his hand and said, "Why did you make me a baby cry?" She always had a way with words and of course she was just playing but to see the two of them laugh was like watching the sunrise. I got to see it shine everyday.




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