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A harrowing story of a teenage boy who finds himself one minute walking to the bus stop, listening to music, and practicing his basketball moves and in the next he is passed out in the back of a van. This is the beginning of what will be over two years of his life taken away from him and his family. He shares how difficult it was to be away from them, the difficulties of being taken and what it did to focus on getting out and getting home rather than his present situation. This story addresses stories of trafficked children and brings to light a difficult situation that plagues America and other countries all over the world. It is his determination that turns him into a fighter that puts himself on the frontline to not only free himself but also other boys that are in captivity with him. He finally makes it home and finds himself debating between walking back into a home that he is not sure if he knows how to live in or to do what got him his freedom and run. This emotional story reminds us how quickly our lives can change and what it takes to be in a tragic situation and still hold out hope to return home. Home, a place where he feels safe, where he can pick up his life where he dropped off and where his parents welcome him with open and caring arms.

Safe and Sound

  • I woke up to my eyes burning. The kind of burn that I imagined would be what salt water would feel like if someone ground it directly into your eyes. I wanted to rub them so desperately but realized that my hands were tied, what is happening? I don't understand where I am or what is going on. I struggle to fight through the shadows in my eyes trying to make out figures that are moving in the room, standing over me, and speaking but I do not understand what it is that they are saying. Are they talking to me? The walls are green, ceiling green, floor green. I'm lying on a floor that is cold and dirty I believe it is concrete. I rest my cheek on the floor because not only are my eyes burning but I am really hot. The concrete is cool. It chills my body. In that moment I take a couple of deep breaths and I can hear my heart beating- knocking against the floor so there is confirmation that I am in fact still alive. But as day turned to night… I wished I hadn’t opened my eyes. I just wanted to go home.

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