A coming of age humorous story about a grandfather passing on his legend to his grandson. Who do you become a spy? It is not a simple. It is a grueling task of a series of tests that will test the mind body and soul of this young boy. Will he be able to throw energy fields across the room? Different test administered by different legends of the spy game. Will he be able to save the life of his fellow spies? All this and more is answered as we follow him through the obstacle course of…becoming a spy. As the test comes to an end the Grandson realizes that the best teacher that he could ever hope for is that of his Granddad.

Secrets Of A Spy

  • (Scene opens on Granddad doing some kind of a warrior ritual, Grandson enters and watches him intensely. Begins to mimic him until he is caught.) Granddad: Hello Grandson. I didn’t hear you enter. Grandson: Oh sorry Granddad. Umm what was that dance you were doing. Granddad: Not a dance Grandson. Sacred ritual of the Zunani Spy Tribe. Grandson: Waaaaaaaaa! Zunnini Spy- Granddad: Zunani- Grandson: Zumommy- Granddad: ZUNANI- Grandson: Zooo-naaaaaa- Granddad: Niiii. Never mind. It’s sacred. Grandson: Wow Granddad, I want learn. I want to be a Zunanamommy Spy Tribe Guy. Yeah, I want that. I want to be like you. Granddad: Come my Grandson. There is much to teach you about the sacred tribe. It is not an easy task. Not every warrior passes the test. Grandson: I’ll pass! Did you see my report card? All A’s except in Mrs. Bread’s speech class but that’s because she thinks that boys are “Smelly beasts.” So no boy got above a C in the class- Granddad: You must see the path that you seek. Grandson: Sure is it the path behind the school all the cool kids hide to smoke? Go 420! Granddad: No. 420? Do you participate in… Grandson: No. Unless you need something then we can talk. Granddad: NO! A true spy would never participate in such things. Keep your body clear and your mind focused. I remember when I began to seek the path. Grandson: I want to seek it too. Granddad: Quite Grandson. Listen to the sound of the wind. (They close their eyes. The process has begun.) Grandson: (Whispering) I don’t hear- Granddad: Quiet. You must learn to listen. Grandson: (Whispering) Ohh, okay. Listen. (Meditation begins) Granddad: Lesson 1- Grab Your Gun Guns: You think you know your way around a gun? Granddad: Yes Sir! Guns: You know nothing. Say my name. Granddad: Sir? Guns: My name you pieces of no gun training pansies. Granddad: Guns sir! Guns: What did you say? Granddad: Mr. Guns Sir! Guns: Damn right.




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