Kyle is in the midst of the summer before his senior year when his mother surprises him with…”You need to work on your sensitivity.” What exactly does that mean? It means that she has found him a nice summer job at the local nursing home. Inside the home he meets lots of funny characters: the man that thinks he is still in the war, the woman that keeps baking him things because she thinks that he is her grandson, the wonderful little old man who is just trying to escape, and what’s a nursing home without a scary head nurse. In this midst of this crazy world Kyle learns things about himself while helping the lives of others.

Sensitivity Class

  • Mom: Honey, honey. HONEY!

    Dad: Yes sweetheart? Why are you yelling?

    Mom: Well honey I was reading my new book-

    Dad: How to Raise a Manly Husband?

    Mom: No.

    Dad: How to Make Your Husband Worship You As Much As He Loves Sunday Football?

    Mom: No. However, that was a great read.

    Dad: I’m sure it was. Especially chapter thirteen: Queso or Kickoff. Powerful.

    Mom: I agree, but no. It is called, “Is My Son Sensitive? If Not Here’s How We Can Change It.”

    Dad: Oh. So do you not think Kyle is sensitive?

    Mom: No.

    Dad: He’s as sensitive as me.

    Mom: Hell no.


    Kyle: No greater gift the summer before your senior year of high school than for your mom and dad to sit you down and tell you that they’ve set you up with a-

    Mom: -“Super job”

    Kyle: In my world anytime my mom says-

    Mom: “Super!”

    Kyle: It means that whatever is about to come after is going to be anything but freaking super. Then I look at my dad and he’s not even looking at me. Flashing red lights.

    Mom: So Kyle your father and I were talking-

    Dad: She was talking. I was asleep.

    Mom: Hush up Darryl. Your father was…listening to me and we decided-

    Dad: She decided, I was-

    Kyle: Asleep. Got it dad. So basically whatever this is, Mom told you what was going to happen and you didn’t say anything?

    Dad: That’s my boy.

    Mom: We decided that you needed to work on your sensitivity.

    Kyle: What? I’m sensitive. I gave Lauren a flower for our anniversary.

    Dad: Nice.

    Mom: Unacceptable! You’ve been dating her for three years. You really need to connect with your softer side.

    Kyle: What? I watched a soap opera with you last week. (He goes into a melodramatic performance) “Oh Mrs. Beneveri I can’t believe that you don’t love me anymore. And after all we’ve been through: six divorces, three house fires, being brought back from the dead, seven children three of which were proven to not be mine in season eleven, seventeen and forty- three and now as I’m on my death bed, yet again and you don’t love me?” (Present)You have got to be joking.