We often see and hear of single parents and the struggles that they have raising their children alone. There are so many things that make these individuals strong and often the heroes of their children. With these words we will celebrate them for the work that they have done to protect their child from all of the bad things and raise them to be wonderful human beings. In this collection we address the story of a single mother. In Perfect Storm she shares the moment that her life changed as she looks back at the moment that a chance encounter turned into the memory of her life that she will never forget. The moment she to a chance on a stranger that ended up giving her the greatest gift of her life, her daughter. Then in Us she tells us of how she moved forward after he left them with a note which connects to how they originally met each other. And finally, in Thankful she unwraps the complete package that is her daughter’s growth stages. How she went from carrying her to her daughter growing into a woman who is able to carry herself. A mother’s most honorable moment or reflecting on the struggles she once had but was able to shield her child from all of that to mold her into a beautiful human being shifting the focus off of what she lost in her father and what she gained by doing what we as human beings do for our young- absolutely any and everything we have to for their happiness and success. A collection of poems that showcases and shines a positive light on overcoming the struggles of being a single parent while honoring their hard work. *This is from the perspective of the mother not the child. Any performer has permission to adjust pronouns to fit for the teller to be a father. This permission is already given by the author.

Single Mother: Perfect Storm, Us, Thankful

  • Reflections

    Looking back in the rearview mirror

    Not realizing that they never hold the best view

    Breaking my neck to see the life that I had

    Before I got here

    With her


    Let’s go back

    Wanting you to see the beginning of my

    Past view

    Which was so bright and beautiful

    Full of life and energy and love and hope


    The start


    Wes was his name

    The man and the moment that changed my life

    Flat tire on a Sunday

    Or was it a Monday

    Doesn’t matter

    That day was a Funday

    No spare on the highway

    In the middle of a storm

    Nothing going right

    Everything spinning wrong

    But when a stranger stops

    “everything okay?”


    When a stranger asks

    “can I help in any way?”


    When a stranger offers

    “I can take care of this so fast”


    Never thought a chance meeting

    Would be the lasting memory of my past.