Erron is just a typical African American man. He’s a father, a husband and cares deeply for his mother who is battling cancer. But when the pandemic hits him and his wife, who are both doctors have to made some very difficult decisions. It is because of these decisions that Monica, his wife contracts Covid 19 and dies. This leaves Erron is a very difficult situation. But being the man that he is he makes the best decision for him and his family, taking into account that sometimes the most difficult decision is the one that makes the most sense. He quits being a doctor and begins working at the grocery store. Still working, still caring for his mother and daughters but putting himself less in harm’s way. Then there comes a day that is like any other until a man enters not wearing a mask. It is Erron’s reaction to this that reminds him and shows his others that taking a stand is not always the most comfortable thing to do but in desperate times it may be seen as necessary. He will forever be the hero that Monica thought he was, never thinking of himself as such but living his life as if the decisions he makes directly affect other people and not just his family but everyone around him.

Taking a Stand

  • My apologies if my alarm woke any of you up. It is set to go off at 4:15 AM every morning. Seven days a week no rest for the weary as they say. My morning ritual is pretty consistent. I’ll get up and I tiptoe into my twin daughters’ room and I just watch them. I know, I know it sounds crazy, but I leave for work and they’re sleeping, and I come home from work and they’re sleeping. Almost feels like most of their life is spent just dreaming about me instead of me actually being able to be the father that I want to be for them. But if I don’t work, they don’t eat. It’s just like that sometimes. After I check in on them, I make sure that my mother is comfortable. She is going through chemo right now and the chemo plus the radiation makes her sick sometimes. I put her room at the end of the hallway so that when she’s sick and she’s vomiting the girls don’t have to hear it. They’re only seven, they understand certain things but only to the level at which a seven-year-old can understand. They know two things 1. Grandma has something inside of her that’s making her sick and 2. Daddy will always take care of them. And no matter what, I will.




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