Two friends narrate a scene that starts with them seeing an alien ship in the air circling around them. What do they do next? They try their best to save themselves as well as the audience by taking us on a “Guide to Surviving an Alien Invasion.” In a series of vignettes, the two friends show the audience a slew of different ways that they could survive this invasion. With a lot of energy, laughs, and interesting situations the story quickly goes from zero to one hundred. By the end of the scene we have had: a ship hijacked, aliens taken hostage, an alien friendship develop, a scene reminiscent of Rambo, video games, and besties. What more could you want from a survival guide? Do they save us all from being eaten alive by our alien enemies or like any other alien movie do they get eaten or dragged onto an alien spaceship never to be seen again? With the imagination of these two friends absolutely anything is possible.

Teenagers Guide to Surviving an Alien Invasion: Their Here

  • (Scene opens with two people preparing to take the audience through this situational comedy.)


    (In an instant they start staring up at the sky. They follow something huge in the air with their eyes. It should feel scary and amazing all at the same time. A bright light blinds them. It is an alien ship.)


    Narrator 1: Oh-

    Narrator 2: My-

    Narrator 1: God-

    Narrator 2: Jesus-

    Narrator 1: Moses and the disciples and all of the baby goats and-

    Narrator 2: animals on Noah’s Arch. We just saw-

    Narrator 1 / Narrator 2: AN ALIEN SHIP!!!!!

    Narrator 2: Where is your phone. Get your phone out. (The both scramble to get their phones, the phones fall. A physical moment happens between them trying to get their phones out.)I got it! (He snaps a few pictures. This then turns into selfies, it should be active and fun.)

    Narrator 1: Wait we should get one with both of us. (They do.)Nice what should we hashtag it?

    Narrator 2: #aliennation

    Narrator 1: #theyrehere

    Narrator 2: No that’s from Poltergeist. It needs to be something original that we can patent and make a ton of money from. Who works anymore right?

    Narrator 1: Right, but like what kind of money? Like hit song money?

    Narrator 2: Hell no like…like Oprah money. (They look at each other and rejoice.)

    Narrator 1: We’e gonna be rich.

    Narrator 2: Rich!!!

    Narrator 1: Oprah rollin’ around in my dad’s old sweats rich. (2 stops and looks at him blankly.)Joking. (Side eye)

    Narrator 2: Right. #alienslive (They both like it. Shake hands.)