A Collection About The Truth Behind Suburban America: False Truths, Dominoes

In this collection we see the world through the eyes of a normal teenager that believes his/her life is anything but normal. When they reflect on their life as a white teenager living in the suburbs they begins to see things in their world that they didn’t know to be true. In False Truths we see this teen walk outside of their home and see their world for exactly what it is, a place where people secretly take out their personal trash because we have to hold up a certain level of false realities in order to be a part of this group. They share that it is all a lie that they are keeping up appearances on when the reality is that they are just as much of a mess as any other family or teenager anywhere else. Reflecting on doing drugs and getting away with it, hiding the trips to rehab because mom and dad can afford to do so. This is the life of the suburban teen, and it’s their lie. In Dominoes a teen reflects on the day that their best friend dies of an overdose at a party and no one talks about it. No one gets in trouble for it and no one is honest about what the problem is. Reflecting on the life and death of their friend. Talking about the days after when he is buried and the following day there is another party where another group of friends will be there celebrating the life of their dead friend. This is their reality, this is the American suburban lie.

Truth Behind Suburban America

  • False Truth Welcome to my world, my paradise, the truth is falsely hidden all around us. Don't believe what you see on television. Don’t believe what your friends might tell you. I'm here to share with you my truth. The truth that is hidden behind closed, locked, hidden doors. Truth that has no reality in America, because it is an alarm. It is a well thought out, well contrived, complete bullshit lie. There is no truth in the story I'm about to tell. Lies and lies and lies. But as I stand here the suburban white teenager smiling as I help the old lady to her car with her groceries, as I stand here the true vision of what privileged white America is, as I stand here the typical representing the typical telling of the story of the not typical. But I tell my truth. The truth is hidden, the false truth. Please don't tell my mother and my father what I'm about to say. To walk into the home of the suburban white middle-class family there's the living room that shines so bright, full of pictures on the mantle of the family. Father, mother, daughter, son, smiling, picture perfect, not a hair out of place, everyone is so happy. It's just not real. So many things I need to say, a lot of them in fear, but a lot of them in knowledge. I want my words to mean something. I want my words to make you think. I want my words to make you leave this room and walked down the hall and look at the smiling faces and wonder, wonder if it's real or if it's all a lie. Is it a crazy thing to expect a room full of people to just sit and listen and think?




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