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Natalia and Santiago are a married couple that has been together and happy since childhood but now in their mid-twenties Natalia begins to see a change in her husband that she can’t explain, and sadly neither can he. There is something that is off about him, he’s acting different: irritable, distant, more focused on his phone than on her, and not into their relationship like he used to be. She begins to ask herself the questions that one always asks in this situation. What did I do? What is he hiding? Why won’t he tell me what’s wrong? She confronts him with this and he explains to her that the machismo bullying that he experienced with his family was so strong that he couldn’t live the life that he wanted to live so he found someone that he loved, that loved him and kept all the rest of it a secret. Santiago shares with her his darkest life secret, that he is gay. He has stolen her life from her. The person she loved the most is a Thief of Love. He finally breaks his silence and tells her his open and honest truth, and she listens. It is in the last moments of the scene that we see the love they both have for each other while recognizing the struggle that machismo can put on any man who wants to rise above the negative comments and be themselves. ***The scene may be edited to fit performers of any ethnicity. The essence of the scene is the idea that there is a “manliness” or “machismo” that is an expectation for some boys/ men.

Thief of Love

  • (The scene opens with Natalia, a Hispanic woman in her mid-twenties she opens a box and sets it on the table as Santiago enters.)


    Natalia: Oh, you’re home early. (He greets her with a hug and a kiss.)

    Santiago: It’s game night. I literally run home on game night. “Hey, Santiago, wanna grab a drink? Watch the soccer game tonight? Got seats on the halfway line.” Hell no it’s game night with my wife!

    Natalia: (Laughing)You’d miss halfway line seats for me?

    Santiago: I’d miss front row seats at the Gentlemen’s Club for you babe.

    Natalia: Front row? (Beat, as he thinks. He thinks a little too long and Natalia laughs then hits him.)

    Santiago: (He picks up one of the cards from the game and reads it.)Hypothetically speaking-

    Natalia: Hypothetically speaking, yes?

    Santiago: How much do you love me? (Natalia snatches the card and reads it. She laughs and throws it back at him.)

    Natalia: That is not what the card says. (Santiago grabs her and they both laugh)

    Santiago: I know, but seriously on a scale of one to ten?

    Natalia: Seriously?

    Santiago: Yes.

    Natalia: Okay, on a scale of one to ten I’d say like maybe a six on a good day. (He looks sad for a moment) But today isn’t a good day today it’s game night so it’s a great day so today it’s a solid ten… (Laughing)Hypothetically.

    Santiago: You are an amazing woman.

    Natalia: (Kisses him)I know.

    Santiago: I’m glad. Okay so let’s get this game started, last week I beat you by what- a thousand points?

    Natalia: A thousand? We only went to four hundred to win the game. (They begin to take out the pieces)

    Santiago: I guess I was beating you so bad, I just felt sorry for you.

    Natalia: You better bring it.

    Santiago: Done. (He picks up a card, reads it to himself then looks at Natalia. He kisses her, she smiles.)

    Natalia: Read the card. Kisses will not save you.

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