When Detective Jessy Lucas begins her interview of Scarlett she has no idea what she is going to unveil by the end of their conversation. The police are looking for Scarlett’s brother who has gone missing. In the interview as Scarlett gets more and more emotional, buttons begin to get pushed and something switches on in her mind that brings out other people to assist her in the telling of her story. Her personalities consist of: Madge- the mouth, Cindy- the sweetheart and, Cliff- the scary dark presence that everyone is afraid of. When Detective Lucas realizes what she is dealing with she keeps trying to find out information from the different personalities trying to find Scarlett within all of them. Slowly the story begins to unfold as the personalities share their part, their presence, what thy saw, what they did, what happened or didn’t happen to Scarlett’s brother. Finally the history between Scarlett and her brother comes out and in an attempt to help her save her own life Detective Lucas brings in Scarlett’s sister to help balance her mind and calm the all of the people that are in there. A scary yet heartbreaking story of how much the human mind can handle before it decides it needs other’s to help balance the pain it is enduring.

We're All In Here

  • (Scene opens with Scarlett, she is a woman in her early twenties. She stands as instructed by the female police officer that is taking her fingerprints. She is a strange young woman, there is something about her even when she isn’t speaking that makes the room a little uneasy. She gets her fingerprints taken, then her mug shot. She is then escorted into an interrogation room, locked and left alone. She paces back and forth in the room until another woman enters, it is Detective Jessy Lucas.)


    Scarlett: Excuse me, what am I doing here? I have a final in the morning and I can’t be here. I have work to do.

    Detective Lucas: I understand Scarlett. My name is Detective Lucas and as soon as you answer some questions we’ll get you back home so you can study for that final.

    Scarlett: What kind of questions?

    Detective Lucas: Let’s start with (Beat, she looks at Scarlett who is still pacing) when was the last time you saw your brother?

    (Scarlett looks confused.)

    Scarlett: Brother? I don’t … (The rest of her thought trails off as her attentions drifts elsewhere.)

    Detective Lucas: Scarlett would you like to have a seat?

    Scarlett: No. No, don’t be so condescending. I don’t want a seat I want to study. That’s what I want.

    Detective Lucas: Okay then, where were you last night between the hours of 9pm and 1:30am?

    Scarlett: Studying at the library.

    Detective Lucas: Studying-

    Scarlett: Yes.

    Detective Lucas: At the library on campus?

    Scarlett: Yes, of course at the library on campus.

    Detective Lucas: Interesting because according to your library card that you have to swipe to enter and exit you came in at (Looks through her notes) 8:47pm and left a short time later at 9:18pm. Surveillance camera caught you running out of the building.

    Scarlett: I…I was running?

    Detective Lucas: Yes, running so fast that you left your bag with your wallet in it. Wouldn’t you say that is strange for a woman in this day and age to just leave all of her stuff behind?




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