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103. When the World Around Us Talks


Imagine a world where all of the inanimate objects that we take for granted and use every day had the ability to talk. Taking for granted the simple things, the watch that we wear tells more stories than just that of time. If these things had the ability to tell us exactly how they felt about the things that we are forcing them to be used for. What would their story be if we actually took the time to think… and listen? In this story we hear from inanimate objects that we have turned in to items of power and items that sometimes result in violence. The voices of the walls of a long-standing university that has been through over a century of change, a tree and a noose that don’t want to hurt people anymore, and the badge and the shirt of a police officer we finally hear their voices. They speak of racism from a very different perspective, and yet still a valid voice. If they could talk, if they had an opinion, if we were forced to listen, would we be concerned about what they have to say about humanity or the lack thereof? A story that uses poetry for transitions the hope is that we get a better understanding of the things that we use and have used for centuries if they had feelings. The hope is to gain a better understanding about our actions and the things that we do that create a history that we cannot hide from, we cannot erase, sometimes we cannot see from another perspective, but we cannot ignore.

When the Wold Around Us Talks

  • 1: Imagine

    2: Imagine

    1/ 2: Imagine

    1: What would the world be

    2: Where would the world be

    1: If black people

    1: Africa people

    2: Ancient Kings and Queens

    1: Who sat on throwns

    2: And wore crowns of gold. Never

    2/ 1: Existed.

    1: Never stepped of the boat

    2: They were forced to get on

    1: Never worked on the plantations

    2: They were forced to work on

    (Beat, they look at each other. 1 takes a step toward the audience)

    1: Never created, crafted or conceptualized

    2: Never innovated

    1: Never thought freely

    2: While being silenced

    1/ 2: What if those walls could talk?

    2: The places and things that experienced the atrocities

    1: Literal flies on those walls

    2: Magically speaking words of the unspoken

    1: What…

    2: If…

    1/ 2: What if?

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