It is said that the cycle of abuse is one that can be broken if the abused realizes their power and doesn’t allow it to continue. This is the story of a woman in her late teens celebrating her daughter Joy’s birthday with a cake, candles and of course a song. But unlike most children’s parties this one isn’t attended by anyone but Jasmine because on this day every year she closes her eyes and makes the same wish of forgiveness. Having grown up in a horrific home with an abusive father who targeted her mother until she was old enough to play the role that her mother would have played. The beatings, the secrets and the wishes that never came true. But when she finds out she is pregnant she must now make decisions for her unborn child to end this cycle of abuse. With the little bit of power she has left she makes the ultimate decision for any mother in order to save her daughter from the life that she has already lived. So, on what would have been Joy’s birthday she celebrates her memory and wishes that one day she could feel like she has been forgiven for the decision that she made.


  • “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear…” (Beat)Joy. My mother would hold me close on my birthday, I’d be sitting on her lap when I blew out my candles. She taught me the truth about wishes. I’m sure you’ve heard that the way to make wishes come true is to close your eyes, make a wish, blow out the candles and never tell anyone what the wish was, right? (Laughs)For as long as I could remember my mother told me the truth, the real way to make sure that all of my birthday wishes came true was simple (Beat, she scans the audience and whispers) you have to believe. (Smiles)That’s it. You have to believe that what you are asking for is actually possible. If you want a yellow unicorn to take you to school every day you have to believe in it. Or, for my forth birthday I wished for a little sister and I believed so hard that by my fifth birthday she was here. (Beat)I wish I hadn’t believed…wish I hadn’t wished on that day… I just needed someone else to…(She takes off the birthday hat and places it neatly on the table.)




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