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The fight over women and their rights to their bodies has been very active in American history. This is a collection that addresses the changes that happen within women's bodies. In “Don't Have an Opinion” a woman shares her personal emotions on having a voice about what happens to her body. The protesting, the outside opinions of others, and the struggles to be heard and gain understanding. She tries to explain why it is important if not absolutely necessary for people to understand that the things that happen within one's own body is truly that person's business, and their business alone. It is a fun and powerful representation of women being able to express themselves without fear that they will be seen as emotional or overreacting because they are fighting for what they believe is right. “I Loved Her” is told from their perspective of the experience that a newborn baby has with a difficult birth. The connections that the baby had with their mother before they were born and the effort that the baby put in to try and help their mother went in birth they struggled. A beautiful poem that represents a challenge that many women have had while giving birth. An experience that only they could properly express, in addition to the baby that doesn't yet have a voice. The baby shares the love they have for their mother and the emotional struggle of their father who is now raising a newborn child on his own.

Women’s Ever-Changing Bodies

  • As the saying goes, “If you don’t have something

    Nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    We’ve all heard it

    Said it

    Been on the receiving end of it

    And to that I say, I am woman here me roar.

    Like the bear cub that at some point becomes the

    Queen of the bear castle

    Again, I say, hear me roar.


    I have to have some place to put all of the anger

    And annoyance that comes with something as simple

    And sacred as having a menstrual cycle

    The special ability to have children

    The gift to live as a cow does and make my own milk

    The chore to stand loud and proud repeating the women’s freedom mantra:

    “Cervix, Ovaries, Tubes- oh my!”


    Notice I said “Oh my” not “Oh yours”

    Because sometimes I want to say

    Today I must display

    My feelings of dismay

    When it comes to the games that men play.

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